FAQs for inbound passengers to undergo compulsory quarantine



1.    What is the latest quarantine requirement?

According to the Hong Kong SAR Government’s latest announcement on 1 April 2021, all person who have stayed in medium-risk to extremely high-risk overseas places arriving at Hong Kong have to undergo compulsory quarantine for 21 days in a designated quarantine hotel.


The compulsory quarantine period at a designated hotel for persons arriving at Hong Kong on or after April 9, and who have only stayed in low-risk overseas places including Australia, New Zealand or Singapore on the day of arrival in Hong Kong or during the 21 days before that day, will be shortened to 14 days.  They will be required to self-monitor for the subsequent seven days and subject to compulsory testing on the 19th day of their arrival at Hong Kong.


Above arrangements are subject to change according to the epidemic situations without prior notice, please visit the Hong Kong SAR Government website for details.









2.    I am coming back from the low-risk overseas places, how much is the 14-night package?

Effective from 9 April 2021 onwards - Penta Plus Quarantine Package for 14-night stay would be available at HKD11,200 net (single) / HKD16,800 net (twin).  Penta Plus Room (rooms located on higher floors) will be arranged, guests may pick their own favourite dish freely from our well-recognized “Eat Well” Menu.


Effective from 21 April 2021 (start date of the 3rd cycle), a newly introduced Penta Standard Quarantine Package would be available for 14-night stay at HKD7,000 net (single) / HKD10,920 net (twin) with our fixed tailor-made “Balanced Eats” Menus.  Six thoughtfully designed MSG-free’s “Balanced Eats” menus prepared by the same hotel kitchen team are available for selection.



202149日起,14晚的貝爾特高級隔離住宿套餐為港幣11,200元正(單人)/ 港幣16,800元正(雙人),包括每天三餐膳食。客人可入住貝爾特高級客房(房間位於較高樓層)及可從「食好D」餐單內自由選擇喜歡的菜式。


2021421日起 (第三輪指定檢疫酒店的首天) ,新增的貝爾特標準隔離住宿套餐,14晚套餐為港幣7,000元正(單人)/ 港幣10,920元正(雙人),包括每天三餐膳食。客人可入住貝爾特標準客房及享用由原班酒店廚師團隊主理之「食得均衡」餐單,內有6組無味精、自家製的餐單供客人挑選其中一組。


3.    I have booked the 21-night quarantine package and arriving from the low-risk overseas places, what shall I do now?

If you are returning from those low-risk overseas places identified by the Hong Kong SAR Government, i.e. Australia, New Zealand or Singapore on or after 9 April 2021, please contact our Reservation Call Centre to amend your reservation and refund the remaining balance.





4.    What are the differences between the new package in the 3rd cycle and the current one?

In the 3rd cycle from 21 April to 19 June 2021, a package is newly introduced – Penta Standard Quarantine Package, 21-night accommodation in Penta Standard Room at HKD10,500 (single) / HKD16,380 (twin) only, with our fixed tailor-made “Balanced Eats” Menus.  Six thoughtfully designed MSG-free’s “Balanced Eats” menus prepared by the same hotel kitchen team are available for selection.  

For the current package, it was being renamed as Penta Plus Quarantine Package at the same price for 21-night at HKD16,800 net (single) / HKD25,200 net (twin) includes 3 meals daily.  Penta Plus Room (rooms located on higher floors) will be arranged, guests may pick their own favourite dish freely from our “Eat Well” Menu.



在第三輪指定檢疫酒店 (421日至619日期間)的住宿套餐堙A我們新增了 ̶ 貝爾特標準隔離住宿套餐供客人選擇;21晚套餐為港幣10,500元正(單人)/ 港幣16,380元正(雙人),套餐包括每天三餐膳食。客人可入住貝爾特標準客房及享用由原班酒店廚師團隊主理之「食得均衡」餐單,內有6無味精、自家製的餐單供客人挑選其中一組。


而一直備受歡迎的套餐已易名為貝爾特高級隔離住宿套餐,21晚套餐為港幣16,800元正(單人)/ 港幣25,200元正(雙人),套餐包括每天三餐膳食。入住貝爾特高級客房(房間位於較高樓層)可從「食好D」餐單內自由選擇喜歡的菜式。


5.    What is the different between “Balanced Eats” Menu and “Eat Well” Menu? How to make order?

“Balanced Eats” Menu was a fixed menu tailor-made by the same hotel kitchen team, guests may choose one set of menu for the entire stay.  The six sets of menus were Regular / Regular (seafood-free) / Halal / Halal (seafood-free) / Veggie / Vegan. 


“Eat Well” Menu was the well received menu served to quarantine guests since December 2020.  Guests may pick their favourite main dish, soup / salad and drinks freely from the wide range of selections.


Menu is available for preview; menu items will be subject to change without prior notice.

In order to ensure your favourite meals are available, meals pre-order for the entire stay is required 5-day prior to check-in.  No changes to be made once the order were made. 



「食得均衡」餐單是由原班酒店廚師團隊精心制定的菜單客人可選擇其中一組餐單於入住時享用,組餐單包括 「標準」 / 「標準-無海鮮」/ 「清真」 / 「清真-無海鮮」 /「素菜」/「純素食」







6.    Can I book a room to share with relatives or friends?

Yes, twin sharing will be arranged for family members or friends by taking the same flight to Hong Kong, record of electronic tickets for both guests are required upon making reservations (both guests have to be over the age of 16 or above; or guest under 16 years old has to be accompanied by an adult taking the same flight to Hong Kong).


可以,雙人住宿僅供乘搭同一航班的客人入住,客人需於預訂房間時提供電子機票以作核實 (同住的兩位房客均須年滿16歲或以上; 16歲以下的客人須由乘搭同一航班的成人陪同入住)


7.    Can I book a room for a family of 2 adults and 1 child?

Maximum two guests could be accommodated in one room. In such case, you could book two rooms for a family size of three persons; the first room booking for one adult with one child while the second room booking for the other adult. Connecting room is available and is subject to hotel availability.



每房最多只供兩人入住。在這種情況下,客人需要預訂兩個房間供三人家庭入住,第一個房間預訂予一個成年人及一個小孩同住 而 第二個房間預訂予另一個的成年人入住。酒店有相連客房供應,預訂需視乎房間供應情況而定,並以酒店確認為準。


8.    Shall I book for twin occupancy if I will be staying with a child?

You could book for single occupancy if the second person is below 3 years old and the meals arrangement would be based on one person only.  If the second person is above 3 years old, you would have to book for twin occupancy and meals arrangement would be based on two person. 






9.    Will the hotel arrange accommodation for guests below 18 years old?

Hotel will arrange accommodation for guests who are 16 years old or above.  For guests between 16 and 18 years old, his / her parents or guardian has to sign and send the “Acknowledgement Form” and “Consent form for unaccompanied person staying in Designated Hotel” prior to guest arrival.





10.  Do I need to pay a deposit upon arrival as the full payment is made already?

For 14-night stay, a credit card deposit to guarantee the incidental charges at HK$1000 (single occupancy) / HK$2000 (twin occupancy) / HK$3000 (Suite) is required upon check-in. 

For 21-night stay, a credit card deposit to guarantee the incidental charges at HK$1500 (single occupancy) / HK$3000 (twin occupancy) / HK$4000 (Suite) is required upon check-in. 

For guests without credit card, a third party credit card authorization form to be sent to hotel prior to guest check-in.



入住14客人須辦理入住時以信用卡繳付雜費押金港幣1,000 (單人住宿) / 港幣2,000 (雙人住宿) / 港幣3,000 (套房) 

入住21客人須辦理入住時以信用卡繳付雜費押金港幣1,500 (單人住宿) / 港幣3,000 (雙人住宿) / 港幣4,000 (套房) 



11.  Can I leave the room during the quarantine period?

According to the Quarantine Order, travellers must not leave guest room until further notice.  Breaching the quarantine order is a criminal offence and offenders are subject to a fine and imprisonment.

As per the Hong Kong SAR Government’s instruction, the IMMEDIATE consequence is to be removed from hotel and sent to Quarantine Camp right away.  Room payment will be forfeited and no refund to be made due to guest’s violation of government regulations.






12.  Can I smoke?

This is a no smoking hotel, any individual found smoking in the hotel will be liable to a fix penalty of HK$2,000 per time.

Smoking outside the room will be deemed breaching of the quarantine order, offenders will be referred to the police without prior warning.





13.  Can I cook in the room?

To ensure the safety of all the hotel guests, using any type of cooking appliances to cook in the guest room is prohibited. Guest will be liable to a fee for any damage caused to the property.



為確保所有客人的住宿安全,客房嚴禁使用任何類型的烹飪 / 煮食器具煮食。如酒店有任何損壞,客人須負上相關的法律責任及費用。


14.  What to do if I am feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell, please contact Home Quarantine Task Force at phone number +852 21251133 or +852 21251999 or hotel’s Guest Services Manager at ext. 0.



如果你感到身體不適,請致電+852 21251133 +852 21251999 聯絡家居檢疫專責組或酒店客戶服務經理內線 0


15.  Will hotel buy medicine for me?

Hotel is unable to provide any medication for guests as per the Hong Kong SAR Government’s instruction. Please call Home Quarantine Task Force at phone number +852 21251133 or +852 21251999 for further arrangement.



按香港特別行政區政府指示,酒店不能為客人提供任何藥物。請致電+852 21251133 +852 21251999 聯絡家居檢疫專責組作進一步安排。


16.  Will hotel assist to keep my belongings if I am unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19 during the stay?

If there’s any luggage kept in the room, Hotel will charge the room daily until the luggage was being picked up by an authorized person.





17.  Is there any housekeeping service during my stay?

No room cleaning will be arranged unless required by Department of Health.

Hotel will arrange sufficient towels in your room prior to check-in, you may contact our Housekeeping Department if you need more towels or other standard room amenities.





18.  Is there any laundry service available during my stay?

No laundry service to be arranged during the quarantine period, you may need to have clothes good enough for 21 nights.





19.  Can I use HDMI cable to connect with the TV in the guestroom?

Yes, please prepare your own HDMI cable and devices for the connection, the devices to be connected by yourself in the guestroom.





20.  Is there any refrigerator in the room?

There is a mini-fridge at 4 degrees Celsius and is suitable for storage of drinks only, please do not store any food or dairy products.

For storage arrangement for special needs, such as special medicines etc., please contact our Guest Services associate if required.






21.  How many meals will I receive daily?

The Quarantine Package includes 3 meals daily.

Lunch and dinner will be included on the day of arrival; while breakfast will be included on the departure date.





22.  What time will I receive the meals?

Meals will be delivered outside room door during the below period; meals’ delivery time will be subject to Hotel’s arrangement.

-       Breakfast will be delivered from 8 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

-       Lunch will be delivered from 12:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

-       Dinner will be delivered from 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.




-       早餐派送時間為早上8時至1015

-       午餐派送時間為下午1215分至下午215

-       晚餐派送時間為晚上615分至815


23.  Is there any choice of meals for special dietary?

Vegetarian items and Halal food items are available for both “Balanced Eats” Menu and “Eat Well” menu, subject to pre-arrangement upon making reservations. Please contact us for any special dietary requirement in advance.





24.  Why I have to order meals for the entire stay prior to arrival? Can I make any changes on the menu item(s) chosen?

As per the Hong Kong SAR government’s instruction, no items including meals order form can be sent out from guest room to avoid cross contamination.  Meals will be delivered per your order made prior to arrival and no changes can be made.


為何我需要在入住前預訂整個酒店住宿的餐膳? 下單後,可以更改餐膳選擇嗎?



25.  Can I order takeaway food from outside?

Hotel accept delivery of takeaway food, please ensure the delivery person knows your full name and room number to inform our associates at the Delivery Counter. You may also order snacks or drinks from our “Sundry Items and Food & Drinks Order Form” at a charge.





26.  Can my family or friends make deliveries to me before my arrival?

Yes, your family or friend may arrange one parcel / suitcase to be delivered to hotel from  8 a.m. to 10 p.m.  on your day of arrival.  Since most guests are in single occupancy, if guest get drunk and caused something happened, no one will take care of them. To ensure safety of our guests, only one bottle of wine or six cans of beer will be delivered to the room per day.  Hotel does not accept delivery of raw food, hard liquor, valuables, jewellery or fragile items.  



酒店歡迎客人的朋友於入住當天上8時 至 晚上10安排一件包裹或行李到酒店因為大部分客人是單人入住如客人在房間內因宿醉而在房間內有任何事故將沒有人可以代為照顧為確保客人的安全每天只可有一支葡萄酒或六罐啤酒送遞到客房酒店不接受送遞生肉烈酒、貴重物品、珠寶或易碎物品。


27.  Can my family or friends make deliveries to me?

Hotel welcomes your family and friends to make deliveries to you during your entire stay.

Tentative designated delivery time is from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Hotel does not accept delivery of raw food, hard liquor, valuables, jewellery or fragile items.




暫定指定送遞時間為每日8時 至 晚上10



28.  How can my family or friends make deliveries to me?

Sender has to deliver the item(s) at the hotel Delivery Counter at G/F.

Please ensure your family knows your full name and room number to complete the delivery form.

Hotel does not carry insurance for the delivery item(s), and will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of such item(s).  The item(s) is/are received with contents unknown to the hotel.  In the event that the item(s) delivered is/are not collected by the recipient, the hotel shall have the right to dispose of the same.







29.  Can I ask hotel staff to send items back to my family?

No items can be delivered from guest room to outsiders to avoid cross contamination.